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Pedrollo Group
Serie 270 LSX

Serie 270 LSX

Casted stainless steel - high capacity
Pompe sommerse da 12 pollici Serie 270 LSX
12'' 50/60 Hz

Submersible Pumps 12 inches series semiaxial inox

Semiaxial submersible pumps thanks to the design of impellers and diffusers are suitable for mid-high capacities up to mid Head values. Suitable for clean water supply in domestic, industrial, pressure boosters, firefighting systems, irrigation and water system networks.

Series 270 LSX

Submersible Pumps 120'' inches.
Casted stainless steel impeller and diffuser AISI 304.
Heavy Duty construction.
Superior efficiency: 77% - 81 % High Energy Saving.

Linz Electric innovative design and the most advanced micro casting technologies allow: - High efficiency
- Longer life
- Easy assembly/ disassembly
- Low maintenance
- Low operating cost

Impellers, diffusers, suction cage and delivery bowl in AISI 304 casted stainless steel.
Pump shaft in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Wear rings, bearing buses, valve seal in NBR.
Counter thrust in PTFE+25% GRAFITE.

Capacity up to 543 m³/h, Head up to 470 m, Power up to 350 kW.
Maximum sand tolerance: 50g/m³.
Maximum depth: 350 metres