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Series 140 LPR

Series 140 LPR

Sand tolerance 400 g/m³
Submersible pumps 6'' floating impeller 140 LPR
6'' 50/60 Hz

Submersible pumps 6 inches floating impeller 140 LPR

The submersible pumps serie 140 LPR N, in the range of 6’’ submersible pumps, are unique in the world to having a floating impeller with front shim adjustement. This innovative and patented concept provides to face continuous applications without renouncing to performances and efficiencies at the summit of this field, with a great competitiveness of the product in all range also to a economic level. Suitable for clean water supply in domestic, industrial, pressure boosters, firefighting systems, irrigation and water system networks.

Series 140 LPRX

Impeller and diffuser in Noryl Stainless Steel Casing AISI 304.
Rubber globe version.
Stainless Steel Cap Valve Version AISI 304.

High Efficiency and high wear resistance to sand. Longer pump life thanks to the high quality of materials and to the specific floating impeller design.
Very low maintenance need. Components F.D.A approved.

The materials of standard execution are: Impeller in technopolymer (Lexan) Diffuser in technopolymer (Lexan) Intermediate casingin stainless steel AISI 304 External sleeve in stainless steel AISI 304 Delivery bowl and suction cage in mechanical cast iron G25 Non return valve (rubber globe) included.
Besides standard construction the pumps can be manufactured with the Delivery Bowl and suction cage in precision stainless stell AISI 304. Also available with suction cage and delivery bowl in AISI 304 Stainless steel.

Capacity up to 48 m³/h
Manometric head up to 530 m. Power up to 37 Kw - 50 HP.
Maximum quantity of sand suspended in the water: 400g/m³.
Submersible pumps 6'' floating impeller 140 LPR